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Reblog – Bigger Stink Means Higher Price as Men Crave Rare Oud Fragrance

PK Perfumes'  "Dirty Rose Oud Extreme" fragrance is close to being out,
and I couldn't help but re-post this great story about Oud...
Dirty Rose Oud Extreme uses a blend […]

A Lesson in Business – The Life of Robert Taylor and Calvin Klein Cosmetics


Diana Nyad said this past week after completing her monumental historic Cuba-to-Florida swim after the fifth try:  'Never, ever give up:'

In a CNN story about Diana:

"Maybe during our own lives’ […]

10 Awards for PK Perfumes from Top National Artisan Fragrance Awards

PK Perfumes came up smelling like a rose with 10 awards

From their website:
Top Artisan Fragrances of the Year Awards: 2013
An annual Juried Awards competition rewards the Top Artisan, Niche, and Custom […]

Men and Fragrances, How Men wear Fragrances, and Why

I was reading the longer post below, and of course understand it, because my wife certainly has veto power over things I wear, especially when she says that vetiver smells […]

YOU’RE INVITED to the PK Perfumes Goodies Page!

YOU'RE INVITED to the PK Perfumes Goodies page!


Come to see Beauty resplendent, and find a wonderful background of something really smelly for your favorite electronic devices...

You'll find […]

Spring Smelling 2

The Artemisia "Powis Castle" was very prominently displayed also at the San Diego Botanical Gardens, I quite liked it.

I've been studying Native California Plants in preparations for a fragrance […]

Radio Interview with Paul Kiler on Local NPR affiliate station, San Bernardino, CA

Last week, a crew from the Local NPR show called, "My Awesome Empire" came out and conducted an interview with yours truly, about my work, and many parts of my […]

“We should put more energy to the things we like about ourselves”

"We should put more energy to the things we like about ourselves, as opposed to the things that we don't.
- Melinda

This is so FANTASTIC! - Dove Real Beauty […]

Spring Smelling

Last week, I got the chance to visit a Quail Botanical Gardens, near San Diego, California, and smell and enjoy, and take lots of pictures.


One of my favorite […]

Driving Home From San Francisco Salon

I drove up and back down with my talented Perfumer Friend Maggie Mahboubian, who has Parfums LaLun Natural Perfumes.  She lives in Los Angeles, and we had a grand time […]