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Local Newspaper, Press Enterprise Story on PK Perfumes

WOW!! What a nice chance to be in the Newspaper?  Even got a teaser on the front page.

And the story highlights the Business section, Page one, above the fold, and […]

Cafleurebon Post for Panda and Rhinoceros, Thanks Cafleurebon!

Michelyn Camen
Many of Cafleurebon readers know Victor Wong from "the FB Groups". He partnered with perfumer Paul Kiler to created Panda and Rhinoceros, with perfumer Chris Bartlett on Beaver. Steve Porkpie Hat Johnson loved them all, but his mission […]

Paul’s Interview with Zoologist Perfumes, for Panda and Rhinoceros Perfumes


December 04 2014
WRITTEN BY  Victor Wong

An Interview with Paul Kiler, the perfumer of Zoologist's Panda and Rhinoceros

Could you tell us something about yourself and your passion […]

I’ll be teaching a Technical Perfumery class on Schiff Bases, November 15th, at IAO Los Angeles

I'll be teaching a Technical Perfumery class on Schiff Bases, November 15th, at IAO Los Angeles, in case someone wants to come and learn about them:
You can sign up […]

Newest Interview of Paul Kiler / PK Perfumes with WondAROMA podcast

Hi Friends, the newest supplier to small Perfumers, Perfumer Supply House is now publishing exciting new podcast called WondAROMA, with Christine Daley.
Their first victim is yours truly, and you […]

Two New Vlog Reviews on Youtube from Dave @ Fragrance Bros!

This one is on Dirty Rose for Rose Month, Day 25,

And this one is for the soon to be released Dirty Rose Oud Extreme (Day 25 Bonus):



Why we smell things differently – BBC Science/Nature Genetics Article

Why we smell things differently

Our genes determine how we smell things

Scientists believe they may have found out why we all smell and taste things very differently. Our ability to […]

This is an amazingly delicious drink…

Last Year I had a great time to meet fellow perfumer Udo Ludwig, his wife Phyllis, and their cute little doggie, Dixie Belle in Palm Springs.  When I walked into […]

On the Trail of a Scent – Perfumer says Perfumes can take between 3 months to Seven years to make

On the Trail of a Scent   NY Times

By PATRICIA R. OLSEN    FEB. 8, 2014

Mr. Gaurin says it can take from three months to seven years to […]

Ancient Greek and Roman Perfume Bottles

A couple of years ago, I went to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles for a Lecture on an ancient Perfume factory from Roman Times.
While I was there I […]