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Goodies – Cool and Beautiful Screen Backgrounds


Y ou know, I’ve been a Photographer for most of my life…   And I’m pretty good at it…   When I developed this site, I said I wanted it to be an image oriented website.

So here my friends, is something I can no longer hoard to myself…  Beautiful images for you to use for a desktop background on your electronic devices…

There are SO MANY lovely images here to enjoy.  I don’t know how you’d pick just one…?  Several of these have found themselves scattered around on our many devices.

Until I can figure out how to get a “Goodies” navigation tab on the site, this is known by invitation only, so be the first fumehead you know to have a smelly type picture on your computer…

They’re not ALL smelly, some just beautiful, but most are perfumery materials / smell oriented…

For PC users, simply Right Click on the image, and save to your computer, then right click on it again to make it your desktop background.

For Mac Users, sorry, but I have no idea…   But you Mac folks are a pretty independent lot, I’m sure you can figure it out…

For Many of these, I use a soft hand, because softness and visual quietness in the background often works out very well for a background, so please don’t consider them out of focus, so much as softened to help in being useful tools for your desktop, so that you can see your icons better…  Many of them are more than a Photograph, they’re more like a cross between a Painting and a Photograph.

But there’s something here for many formats of devices…  and if you’ve fallen in love with an image, but the present format isn’t quite working out,  write me a note (preferably when you order something ^wink – wink^), and tell me what you need back from me, preferably in pixel dimensions and orientation, and I’ll make one up JUST FOR YOU!!!   🙂


Wedding Bell Roses


Tuberose light -  in Glass - PK Perfumes


Yellow Leaves on Water - PK Perfumes


Tuberose Still Life 3 - PK Perfumesl


Yellow ball Flowers on Lupin5 - PK Perfumes


Yellow and Green Leaves - PK Perfumes


White Butterfly 7 - PK Perfumes


White Butterfly 3 - PK Perfumes


White Butterflies 5 - PK Perfumes


Where are we going - PK Perfumes


Tuberose Wide Background - PK Perfumes


Tuberose Still Life 3a - PK Perfumes


Ranunculas 2 - PK Perfumes


Ranunculas 6 - PK Perfumes


Red and Green Bush - PK Perfumes


San Fran Park 9 - PK Perfumes


Swimming Fish - PK Perfumes


Torrey Pines Beach rocks - PK Perfumes


Raindrop Caught in the light - PK Perfumes


Rain Soaked Rose 3 - PK Perfumes


Purple Flower Arrangement - PK Perfumes


Poppies and hill - PK Perfumes


Plumeria 1 - PK Perfumes


Plum Blossoms 2 - PK Perfumes


Plum Blossoms 1 - PK Perfumes


Pink Lotus Getty Pond 2 - PK Perfumes


Palm Springs mountain - PK Perfumes


Lichen on rock - PK Perfumes


Menifee Forest Pond - PK Perfumes


MoonTrees1 small - PK Perfumes


Orange Blossom 4 - PK Perfumes


Orangeblossom 14 - PK Perfumes


Orchids 4 - PK Perfumes


Orchids 5 - PK Perfumes


Orchids 6 - PK Perfumes


Lavender 1 - PK Perfumes


Heart Stone on Beach - PK Perfumes


Gladiolas 2 - PK Perfumes


Gladiolas 1 - PK Perfumes


Ginko Grace 2 - PK Perfumes


Genet - Broom - PK Perfumes


Forest on Water Reflection - PK Perfumes


Flying Valentines - PK Perfumes


Flower Hill and Sky 1 - PK Perfumes


Bamboo Abstract 2 - PK Perfumes


Bamboo Abstract 1 - PK Perfumes


Butterfly and Spaceship flower - PK Perfumes


Brugmansia Arborea - PK Perfumes


California Hills 1 - PK Perfumes


California Hills 2 - PK Perfumes


Floral Bouquet 2 - PK Perfumes


Floral Bouquet 1 - PK Perfumes


Fall Leaves 1 - PK Perfumes


Fall Leaf 1 - PK Perfumes


California Hills 5 - PK Perfumes