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– air, before, early, morning, a memory.
A fresh green forest fragrance which took more than two years to complete. Before Red Leather, I considered Ere my best. I have worked on Ere for more than two years. Especially for Ere, I go into the California Sierra mountains and harvest a fern and process it to use in the fragrance. I know of only one other perfumer who is using this fern in their work.

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Ere 2nd PicFull Notes include: Galbanum, Kit-Kit-Dizzie fern, Clove Bud, Black Tea, Hay, Juniper Berry, Immortelle, Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Boronia, Genet Absolute, Angelica
Haitian Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedar, Mastic, Sandarac, Cypriol, Tobacco, Fir Balsam, Oakmoss

The Native American named Kit-Kit-Dizzie Fern is a very resilient plant, so much so that after a fire, it is the first growth back in, and tends to choke out all other saplings that want to come up through it, and tends to take over the regrowth in that place..

In the gold rush foothills of California, during the summer, the essential oil content from this fern is as high as 12% in the leaves/fronds. The fronds are so covered in a sticky resin, that when you walk through the meadow, your boots and pants legs are just covered in this very strong odor from the ferns. I grew up really loving this odor that fills the meadow, this thick  almost sweet, aroma that almost seems to envelop you and push down on your head somehow, whenever I went to visit my Grandparents at their mountain home.  (Maybe it was the strong sun want me to fall down into the meadow and smell from the ground up…  —  🙂

But it was this meadow, surrounded by the tall incense cedars and pines, the manzanita bushes with their smells, the deep red iron filled earth that is found there, and the clean mountain air, AIR, that inspired this fragrance, and it’s name.  I am recalling the past from my childhood, ere.

The Art of making Perfumes is often a very contemplative pursuit, and these types of scentsual experiences are so wonderful when you find them and experience them. They are supremely helpful to usher you into that personal/spiritual space when you can almost just hear the music of the spheres, because you are so in tune with your natural environment, and you are intently “listening” to everything in that place.

Ere hearkens back to my childhood in those meadows surrounded by tall and beautifully smelly trees.

Ere comes from Middle English, and shows up in literature.  In Shakespeare as in a great many poems “ere” is an archaic term meaning before.

Myself was stirring ere the break of day. –Shakespeare

Ere sails were spread new oceans to explore. –Dryden.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    ERE, BY PK PERFUMES (by Cassiano Silva – Perfumart)
    When I put this perfume on my skin, I am led, immediately, to one of those scenes of Woody Woodpecker cartoon, in which a tree is cut and it yells: “timber!”, and the tree always falls over the other character.
    This fragrance took 2 years to get ready and is one of the favorites of its creator, Mr. Paul Kiler, when it comes to personal use. He went to the Sierra Mountains, in California, to reap a specific fern for this composition, which features notes of galbanum, Kit-Kit-Dizze fern (name of Indian origin), cloves, black tea, hay, Juniper, Immortelle, Bulgarian rose absolute, boronias, Genet absolute (Spanish broom) – a dark wax that becomes liquid when subjected to heat, with floral and sweet aspect –, Angelica, vetiver from Haiti, patchouli, cedar, mastic (resin obtained from the Mastic tree), sandarac (resin obtained from a small tree of the Cypress family), cypriol, tobacco, Fir balsam and oakmoss.
    According to Paul, during the summer, this fern produces a rich gum, which covers their leaves with a sticky resin of strong aroma, able to stick on your clothes, if you walk through the meadow. The name of the fragrance comes from archaic English, meaning “before” and was inspired by the memories of the perfumer during his childhood.
    At first glance, I can see this fragrance as another product aimed at the male audience. During the first hour of use, it features mossy and green aspect. Then, it starts to become more balanced and can transport you to a forest, as well as to an ancient library, surrounded by hardwood everywhere, with shelves full of scrolls and old books. Then, becomes a very charming and elegant Woody fragrance.
    About 5 hours after applied, no longer exudes as much as other fragrances from this House, but remains alive on the skin. Past 9 hours of its application, the aroma continued steady and strong on the skin, but without projection. In any case, the tests were performed by using samples. Therefore, if sprayed from a full bottle, can result in more projection. For the fans of woody and dense fragrances, ERE is a gem.

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