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Gold Leather

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Gold Leather Bottle small Gold Leather Bottle small
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Gold Leather

“The Scent of Light.”  – Virginia Blanco

I am very proud of the quality of Gold Leather, and the mix of incredible ingredients. Part of my Colored Leather Editions, I wanted this to be a beautifully glowing warm Leather, based around Tuberose, Gardenia, a bit of exotic Fruits and Ambers, and sumptuous Leather.  It’s just Beautiful…

Flowers:  Gardenia, Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Honeysuckle, Lily, Jasmine, Cananga, and Genet.

Fruit: Satsuma Guava, Red Mandarin, and Bergamot

Woods: Smoke Tree and Amberwood

Herbal: Tobacco and Clary Sage, Patchouli  and  Oakmoss

Also:  Leathers, Benzoin, Tonka, Styrax, Fossilized Amber and other Ambers, Musks and Civet

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Gold Leather 2nd picGold Leather

As Reviewed by Virginia Blanco,                                          http://tedevioletas.wordpress.com/ Perfume Blog

“PK Perfumes Gold Leather – The scent of light

Is there anything in this world  more difficult than imaging the scent of the light? How would its smell be?

I think that everyone would suggest different “notes” but everybody will agree with the following description: bright, friendly, surrounding and energizing. If we add to it a little bit of metallic hints, cold radiance and sweetness perhaps what we are smelling is Gold Leather. This is the new creation of Paul Kiler, the perfumer behind PK Perfumes. He released it in March, at the latest Artisan Fragrance Salon in San Francisco, California.

This happy but sober-minded perfume belongs to the developing Colored Leathers Series. The first one was Red Leather; Black Leather and White Leather are on their way. Following his own style, Kiler has used several unusual ingredients that I’ve never smell before (Satsuma guavafossilized amber and Smoke Tree!) and I feel like I don’t have the most precise words to describe it.

That is the reason my description might seem a little disconnected from the official notes list.

The opening is fresh, like sparks of red apple, a combination of almond hues and fruity watery hints. In the middle notes I feel a mix of syrupy and metallic textures. And several minutes after I spritz it on my skin I detect a musty sweetness like dried leaves or lichen or the scent of the pages of an old book.

The main ingredient is tuberose but it is “colored” with honeysucklebroom flowersylang ylangred mandarin and bergamot. I’ve also identified tobaccotonka, benzoin and oakmoss notes. There are also civet and styrax  but they are almost imperceptible because the musky and ambered accents overpower them.

Well… it was tricky writing about exotic materials that I have never smelt before. But who said that describing the scent of the light would be easy?”




yrogergmc posted this on Basenotes on September 22, 8:55 am

I was on a thread about leathers, and PK replied to my request (I was looking for a sophisticated leather) by sending me samples of his Gold Leather, which is the best leather scent I have ever smelled and exactly what I was looking for! I have also tried Carissa, which is a lovely floral that really is one of the better constructed perfumes I have ever smelled. I look forward to his success in the industry, because he certainly is talented! I contacted Basenotes and asked that we be allowed to add perfumes that aren’t in their list, specifically because after trying Gold Leather I was so impressed.  In my opinion, Paul Kiler’s scents are worthy of a much wider audience

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60ml spray bottle – $165, 30ml spray bottle – $110, 15ml spray bottle – $75, 5ml purse spray – $20

2 reviews for Gold Leather

  1. 5 out of 5

    GOLD LEATHER, BY PK PERFUMES (by Cassiano Silva – Perfumart)
    Along with Ere and Red Leather, this is one of the favorite fragrances of master Paul Kiler, when it comes to personal use. And fleeing from the olfactory pyramid pattern, with its notes of head, body and base, I will repeat the composition the same way it is on the official website of the brand, because I found very interesting the list separated by types of ingredients, namely:
    Flowers: gardenia, tuberose, ylang-ylang, helichrysum (from the Everlasting family), honeysuckle, Lily, jasmine, cananga (from the ylang-ylang family) and Genet (mentioned in Ere’s composition, which is also known as Spanish Broom and called, in Portuguese, as Esparto, Giesta, among other names).
    Fruits: Bergamot, Red Mandarin and Satsuma guava, whose aroma is changeable and begins with nuances of guava and citrus like lemon and orange, going for nuances of jasmine and ending with the lightness of musk. Its aroma lasts for a long time and is widely used for single or mixed fragrance compositions, like this one.
    Woods: amberwood and Cotinus (smoke tree), whose essential oil extracted from the leaves and flowers has fruity nuances of mango.
    Herbal part: patchouli, oakmoss, tobacco and Sage.
    Extra notes: benzoin, tonka bean, fossilized amber along with other types of amber, leathers, styrax, musks and civet.
    Did you think it’s too much? What if I told you that the creations of the House usually have an average of 50 elements, some have 80 and even one or another has 150, would you believe?
    Let’s talk about the result: oddly enough, this mix of miscellaneous notes hit on my skin with a peculiar aroma, which reminded me a lot of the smell of Amaretto liqueur, which boasts almond aroma. And so it has remained for a long time. I thought there was some alcoholic note in the composition. I believe that this scent is resulting from the smell of Everlasting (caramel + honey + toasted cereal), along with the fragrance of ylang-ylang (between the erotic floral of the Jasmine to the fruity banana). About 3 hours later, the scent becomes rich in various nuances of vanilla, never getting cloying, which I attribute to the presence of the moss and the guava Satsuma.
    At the beginning, Gold Leather is more suited to women. But wait for its evolution as it turns into a great unisex perfume. I would say that Gold Leather was done for the day and Red Leather for the night.

  2. out of 5

    SOTD: PK Perfumes Gold Leather. What a gorgeous scent. On the opening I get lots of flowers with the leather. The dry down is gorgeous with Ambers, musk and more leather. Winnah, winnah, chicken dinner! – Tami H.

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