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Heaven Fresh

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Heaven Fresh

Heaven fresh is a complete perfume,     a Spa scent that’s been sent to Grad School and received it’s Masters degree in Beauty and Grace, while still being well grounded in humility and presence.

It’s an amazing grace that saves you and holds you, and leads you home.

Heaven fresh is all of these, but some are a bit hard to pick out:

Fresh wet green herbs of Absinthe, Shiso, Juniper Berry, Sage and Clary Sage, Immortelle, Cajeput, Basil, Pine Needles, and four-leaf Water Clover.

Fresh flowers of Orange Blossoms, Neroli, Carnations, Water Lilies, Freesias, Rose Geranium, Cyclamen, Tuberose and Muguet.

Fresh Citrus of Mandarin, Kaffir Lime, Lemon, and Orange,

Green and soothing woods of Rosewood, Mahogany, Cedar, Applewood, and of course – Sandalwood.

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Product Description

Heaven Fresh

I’m certain that Heaven smells like Orange Blossoms.  It’s by far one of my most favorite experiences to walk through the orange groves in bloom near me.  In the Spring, sometimes I get to spend a few days lingering there to absorb and adore the overwhelming beauty of the scent, along with the bees humming along with their sweet honey making tune.  Sandalwood, that’s likely also in my top five scents favorites: it is so comforting and calming, sharing peace, love, and grace to all who know it well. Water lilies and freesias, they have the most fresh and easy and delectably beautiful attractive scents from flowers…   Cucumbers.  Wow, what freshness that comes to the table when they are served…  Pine needles, what beauty and freshness of lemony green to crush them in your fingers to release their scent,  one of my favorite things to do when I visit the mountains near me….  Fresh Carnations and Cloves – what a great twist of freshness to me, with just enough oomph to add great interest and depth…


Oh and incidentally, those beautiful flowers…  the pink ones in the photo and on the label, are from my backyard plum tree.  How cool is that?

And the marshy reeds in the wind and pretty blue sky?  40 yards away from my house…  fun…   😉


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