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A beautiful blend of a sheer rose (almost a green rose), tuberose, and the mysterious Carissa flower, quite graceful, and most all women say they are enamored with it.

Bright Greens, Sheer Rose, Tuberose, Jasmine, Silver, Opoponax, Myrrh, Australian Sandalwood, Orange Blossom, Ambergris, and musks

Carissa is a lovely floral composition that is summery and green at first, with a burst of intense floral notes.” – Tama Blough, CaFleureBon

“Rose lovers will appreciate the green rose in Carissa, a graceful crisp rose.” – Elena Knezhevich who co-founded Fragrantica

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The Carissa flower is such a graceful flower, living in an innocuous place.  it’s smell is heavenly, like Gardenia and Jasmine.  This small white five petal flower lives on a bush that is all over Southern California, in landscaping as a drought tolerant hedge barrier, because the bush has thorns that would go right through anybody’s hands, or do other serious bodily damage since they are so long, thick, and strong…

I’ve long noticed this beautiful fragranced flower, and marveled at the seeming incongruous beauty of the fragrant flower,  and threat of bodily harm by venturing near or into this dense brier type bush.  In our perfume Carissa, the Carissa flower odor is combined with a beautiful Tuberose, and a stunning modern sheer Rose designed to be almost bereft of the sweet honeyed tones of a red rose, making is not only sheer, but crisp and beautiful.

Carissa is a lovely floral composition that is summery and green at first, with a burst of intense floral notes. This is not a shy, subdued perfume; just a few drops and I am wafting like mad. The rose note is nicely blended with the sweeter tuberose and jasmine, making this a true bouquet. The tuberose is just slightly mentholated, adding interest. The flowers are fairly dominant throughout, although the woody and resin notes soften and envelop them. I am thinking that this would be an excellent winter floral perfume. It is so heady that it may be too much in hot weather, but so many winter scents are based on spices, woods, and resins, this would be a welcome alternative if you feel like something sunny.” – Tama Blough, CaFleureBon

3 reviews for Carissa

  1. out of 5

    SOTE: PK Perfumes Carissa – wow, just beautiful. It’s a sweet and unique floral. What is in that Carissa, ground unicorn horns?! There is something special in there, Paul Kiler calls it “other things” LOL. It’s a beauty in my book. I love it so much, it’s so unique and sweet and special! – Amato E.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Carissa is a white flower of 5 petals and aroma very similar to jasmine and gardenia, with smooth white flower aspect and, sometimes, fruity nuance. Normally, it grows in the form of shrubs, but can also reach 10 meters of height and is protected by thorns. The fruits of Carissa tends to be dangerous, when green and, when ripe, can remember cranberries, but bigger. In some species, can also provide fruity taste reminiscent of apple or strawberry.

    And it was this delicacy behind the thorns, that Paul Kiler tried to reveal through this creation. The perfume is composed by notes of Carissa, green nuances, pure rose, tuberose and opopanax (sweet myrrh). Then, the floral aspect becomes stronger and notes of jasmine and orange blossoms appear. Finally, there is an intense blast of myrrh and Australian sandalwood, embraced by the softness of the musk and ambergris.

    The result is a fragrance that reveals strength and elegance, which makes me think in tones of white and pink and whose sensitivity is the main feature. After 1 hour of applied, I was surprised by an aroma that reminded me immediately, the smell of Lady-of-the-night (also called Night-blooming Cestrum), which is that flower that has the power to perfume an entire street.

    And while the fragrance evolved on the skin, my mind took me to a flower garden around a beautiful fountain, an ideal place to sit and read a good book.
    For me, Carissa is a floral able to invade into the soul.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I got back from vacation yesterday and the first thing I did was open your perfume. It was love at first spray. I feel like I never left Florida! Its definitely my new favorite, and my family and friends love it as much as I do. You are brilliant. The samples are amazing as well. Pentecost is like spring in a bottle.
    The handwritten note was so kind of you. With unusual names, its hard to find the normal personalized keychains and stuff kids like. Your perfume makes up for all of it. My eleven year old sister, Sarah, is especially impressed.

    Thank you so much. You have a new customer for life.

    Carissa A****s

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