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Dirty Rose

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Dirty Rose

A dirty red rose. But not quite so dirty as I was asked to make it; This is a *nice* dirty… But the customer wanted to mix in with it some genuine musk, and then they also asked for an oud blend to mix in too.
The other components are not in this mixture because Michal Gizinski smelled it, and he said,  “Oh, don’t touch it. It’s perfect, better than Killian’s Rose.”

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Dirty Rose

Dirty Rose was made at the request of a bespoke custom perfume customer.

This customer has a favorite Musk and also loves Oud.  And so, He asked for a strong Dirty Rose to go with them.   Paul made this Dirty Rose without the Musk and Paul’s Oud blend.

When Michal Gizinski, at Neiman Marcus San Francisco encountered the Dirty rose sans the Musk and Oud, he said: “Oh, don’t touch it. It’s perfect, better than Killian’s Rose.”

Paul was amazed at how much Michal liked it, especially considering that Paul had left a big hole in the fragrance he intended to fill with the other really deep and dark accords.  But you can’t really argue with success…

“Musky and will be a hit with skank fans.” – Tama Blough, CaFleureBon

Soon, we think,  we’ll be offering the full throttle Dirty Rose Extreme, with the included Musk and Oud for those who dare to wear the beast.


Top notes: Bergamot, Black Spruce, Laurel, Cherrywood Smoke

Heart notes: Rose, Nagarmotha, Teak wood, Tobacco, Cedar, Mahogany, Earth

Base notes:  Amber, Costus, Leather, Vetiver Bourbon (from Bourbon Island),  Labdanum

2 reviews for Dirty Rose

  1. out of 5

    A Question from Mr Harris:
    “What notes give Dirty Rose it’s ‘dirty’ character?”

    PK Perfumes response:
    Hello Mr. Harris, I edited down the ingredients to give you an idea of *some* of the non-rose elements that address your question,
    (but it is not at all uncommon for my fragrances to include more than 50 elements, even to 80, and a few to 150.)

    Sri Lankan Amber
    Vetiver Bourbon
    Labdanum Resinoid
    Birch Tar Rectified
    Cherrywood Smoke

    Several of them are very “Earthy”, or dirty, if you will, such as Patchouli, Costus, Earth, and Vetiver

  2. 5 out of 5

    DIRTY ROSE, BY PK PERFUMES (by Cassiano Silva – Perfumart)
    This fragrance was created for one of Paul Kiler’s customers. He wanted a scent with his favorite note -musk- and also agarwood (oud). But Paul presented the result without the presence of musk and without his oud blend, created exclusively for his fragrances. And it worked! In fact, it was so successful that even though there was a gap to be filled, Paul received compliments and decided to leave this way, thinking of using the requested notes in a second creation, which is already about to hit the market and will be called Dirty Rose Oud Extreme (I received samples and I will review it, as soon as possible).
    I asked the official notes to Paul, who promptly answered me and also put them on the website, avoiding future doubts. They are: bergamot, black Spruce (whose wood is widely used in the manufacture of guitars), laurel and cherrywood smoke, in the output; Rose, nagarmotha (cypriol), teak wood, tobacco, cedar, mahogany and Earth accord, in the heart; Costus, amber, leather, Bourbon vetiver and labdanum, at the base.
    I know how to begin this review: saying that I found another great fragrance created over the scent of roses, perfectly suited for men and, of course, radiant for women. Until then, I have only found a single fragrance in this same style, from Montale house. Other than that, perfumes with roses tend to the female side or the rose only complements the creation, in the midst of so many other notes.
    Dirty Rose is really a “dirty” rose, which touches the skin intensively. And the official image matches the fragrance, because it’s exactly the scent of Red-ruby roses, with their velvety petals and burnt smell that I feel. And I say that because in my mother’s garden there are roses like that. It’s not that cleaning smell of white roses, nor the innocent scent of yellow roses. I guess this is the aroma felt by rose pickers, with its thorns, Earth and everything that goes along with tons of rose petals, before being processed to extract their essential oil.
    On my skin the result was moist, smoky and full of Woods. The heart notes are present from the beginning to the end of the evolution, when the amber shows up and leaves a slight creaminess in the aroma.
    It is worth mentioning that is the kind of fragrance that lasts for more than 10 hours on the skin, with ease. And here I go, towards the Oud Extreme version!

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