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Red Leather

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Red Leather

– A Leather like no other.

It’s been called:
“The Best Leather Fragrance Ever Made.”
– Michal Gizinski, Neiman Marcus San Francisco

“Sexy leather with a cherry on top.”  – Tama Blough, CaFleureBon

Buchu Leaves, Rhubarb, Pink Pepper, and Pink Grapefruit
Dianthine Base, Pink Carnation, Red Rose, Ylang, Neroli, Davana
Spices, Bay Rum, Rum, Patchouli
Teak, Blood Cedar wood, woods, musks, amber
Suede, Castoreum, Civet, and Leathers

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Product Description

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As Reviewed by Elena Knezhevich who co-founded Fragrantica

“Paul uses most unusual fragrant combinations. An example I will highlight is Red Leather, a fragrance that didn’t just attract my attention at the exhibition. At first it is very color specific, which of course is red. Using leather to convey rough, animalic and cool fragrances has already been explored by perfumers for several years, and it’s still in the air. This is the second new leather fragrance I discovered in Santa Monica and both are great.
The fragrance is very intense, and based on unusual pairings of ingredients. In Red Leather these are leather and rhubarb. Rhubarb has made its way into perfumery in the last couple of years (think Aedes de Venustas ) as a sweet-sour note, but here it doesn’t have any gourmand hue. Together with pink pepper, buchu leaves, carnation and other spices, it makes the leather glow with a red color and captures the attention immediately and for long, as if you were catwalking in skin-tight, hot, red, sexy leather pants and jacket. It burns, cuts and screams for your pleasure. From my own experience this fragrance is red on women, but on men, I would say it smells calmer and fresher, revealing the green tones of a bunch of aromatic notes in it, but it remains very leathery.”

1 review for Red Leather

  1. 5 out of 5

    RED LEATHER, BY PK PERFUMES (by Cassiano Silva – Perfumart)
    Do you know the 7 deadly sins? I’m going to introduce you to one of them: Lust, one of the greatest sins, one that can take you to commit others.
    That’s how I will start to unravel this fragrance that brings the red in the name and on vibration. A fragrance full of desire, exuberance and voluptuousness. Without a doubt, Red Leather was not made to innocent people, who cherish for soft scents with angelic nuances.
    Its output notes are: Buchu leaves (Agathosma) – which in perfumery provides fruity aroma, similar to black currant -, rhubarb, pink pepper and pink grapefruit. Its heart notes are: pink Carnation, red rose, ylang-ylang, neroli, Davana (with its sweet and fruity nuances) and Dianthine, which has aromatic aspect of Carnation. Finally, at the base: rum, patchouli, Bay Rum, teak wood, blood cedar wood, amber, musks, suede, Civet, castoreum and leather. With this amount of animalic notes, you can’t think of something other than sexy.
    From its output, I’d say it’s a fragrance more designed for women. However, when the heart notes begin to emerge, the perfume changes and molds to its wearer. On me, presented green nuances of roots, plus a floral and slightly alcoholic aspect. On another person, I believe it will react differently, just like secret desires that show themselves when and to whom we wish to reveal.
    Red Leather is not a typical leathery fragrance, which may generate disappointments for those who make blind purchases, waiting for a rich scent of leather. In my understanding, it is an aromatic-leathery scent. I would say that the leather, in this creation, works like an accessory of lust: the whip, the boots, the mask, etc.
    Red Leather is a sensual scent and needs to be interpreted. And you, have already sinned today?

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